Nunavut Arts & Crafts Festival

end June to beginning July
Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

From mime artists to Mongolian throat singers, from Inuit acrobats to a local circus that has toured the world, the 11 day Nunavut Arts & Crafts Festival showcases emerging artists from across Nunavut.

Taking place this year in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut at the end of June and beginning of July, the Nunavut Arts & Crafts Festival features 26 visual artists, one from each Nunavut community, coming together to celebrate film, and film workshops, art displays and interactive demonstrations, theatre productions, and concerts, Northern blues, Arctic hip hop, traditional Inuit drum dancers and spoken-word artists.

At special workshops, the artists share their gifts and knowledge, from mask carving to silkscreen products to jewelry classes.

The art of the Nunavut is hugely important - to the Nunavut people themselves who see their art as chronicling their heritage and life stories, and to the visitors from all over the world who come to admire the works. By their creations, the Nunavut artists explore their connection to the land and their culture.

It is estimated that, with a population of just 28,000, Nunavut is home to 3,000 artists. The majority of artists are stone carvers. Many of them are subsistence hunters who carve in order to earn cash for fuel, bullets and equipment needed to hunt for their families. 

The Nunavut Arts Festival is a way of celebrating this rich heritage.

There are no roads to Nunavut so visitors must arrive by scheduled air services from Ottawa, Ontario; Montréal, Québec; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Churchill, Manitoba; Edmonton, Alberta; and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Airlines flying to Nunavut from southern Canada include First Air, Canadian North, Air Canada Jazz, Air Inuit, Calm Air , and Kivalliq Air.

For more information about the Nunavut Arts Festival visit the official web site at or contact the organization at (867) 979-7808, toll free at 1-866-979-7808 or email




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