Gay Pride in Canada
Gay Pride events and festivals right across Canada attract more and more followers each year.

Most popular Gay Pride events include the very large Quebec City Pride Festival and the Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival –the biggest Gay parade in Western Canada.


Whistler Pride and Ski Festival
end January – early February
Whistler, British Columbia (BC)

Gay Pride in CanadaGay Whistler hosts this unusual celebration of gay events with adventurous winter activities including ski and snowboard touring, snowmobile trips, zip trekking, and snowshoe adventures. dog-sledding through the Callahan Valley, and back-country ventures, as well as featuring nightlife highlights of drag shows, lap-dance clinics, costume parties and fetish celebrations as well as wine-tastings, fine dining and even comedy shows.

For more information about WinterPride in Whistler, British Columbia visit:

Pride Winnipeg
late May
Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)

Gay Pride in CanadaWith a tentative beginning in a very different time in 1987, the then one-day event has now evolved into one of the largest celebrations of LGBTTQ culture between Toronto and Vancouver. The Pride Winnipeg festival now attracts over 30,000 people for 10 days of fun filled with all sorts of events including PULP! the official pride Winnipeg dance party, and many more events in support of gay pride and confidence.

For more information about Pride Winnipeg visit:

Pride Niagara
late May
Niagara, Ontario (ON)

Gay Pride in CanadaRecognized as an important celebration of Niagara's sexual and gender diverse community and its supporters, Pride Niagara features a series of events including the Mr and Miss Pride Niagara competition that has become one of the most popular events in Niagara. Pride Niagara has also received the Ed Eldred Award, named after one of Niagara’s best loved community activists, presented to someone each year who has worked hard to unite the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community and its acceptance by the local Niagara community.

For more information about Pride Niagara visit:

Edmonton Gay Pride

mid June
Edmonton, Alberta (AB)

Gay Pride in CanadaA popular celebration for over 30 years, the main purpose of Edmonton Gay Pride is to bring together the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, their family, friends, co-workers, and supporters, for a huge amount of fun including the ever popular Gay Pride Parade and the subsequent Celebration on the Square with a beer garden, food stalls, wine bar, poetry readings, and art shows. Other events include the Pure Pride Dance Party on the Saturday after the festival, as well as comedy shows, youth events, baseball games and croquet tournaments and even Queer History Bus Tours.

For more information about Edmonton Gay Pride visit:

Saskatoon Pride
mid June
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (SK)

Gay Pride in CanadaOf the many events on offer over the week of Saskatoon Pride, the highlight is the Saskatoon Pride Parade full of marching, dancing and frolicking through the streets of downtown Saskatoon. With more than 4,000 participants, this parade is the largest Pride Parade in Saskatchewan’s history. Other equally popular events include the Saskatoon Pride Festival Community Fair, the Saskatoon Pride Festival Dance and Diva’s Nightclub Pride Finale.

For more information about Saskatoon Pride visit:

WorldPride Toronto
end June
Toronto, Ontario (ON)

Gay Pride in CanadaThe 10-day Toronto's Pride Week is a celebration of the city's gay, lesbian and queer communities and heritage, and is one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world, and one of Toronto’s main events of the year attracting more than 1.2-million visitors and earning the city over $135-million in revenue. In March 2013, the Canadian Event Industry Awards announced that Pride Toronto had won the National Star Award for the Best Cultural Event in 2012.

For more information about Pride Toronto take a look at:
or visit:

Victoria Pride
early July
Victoria, British Columbia (BC)

Gay Pride in CanadaAttracting over 45,000 people each year, the most popular parts of the Victoria Pride celebrations include the Pride Parade complete with marching bands, floats, and a colorful display of Pride, beginning at noon at Government and Pandora, after which the Victoria Pride Festival opens at MacDonald Park in James Bay.

For more information about Victoria Pride visit:

Halifax Pride
late July
Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS)

Gay Pride in CanadaSince the gay pride celebrations began in Halifax in 1987 the Halifax Pride Festival has grown into a celebration that includes numerous events that highlight the unique character of the gay community and which entice more than 100,000 spectators every summer to enjoy all the events. Now regarded to be Atlantic Canada’s largest LGBTQ cultural festival, with more than 1,400 participants in the Pride Parade alone, Halifax Pride has become one of the largest and most vibrant gay pride celebrations in Canada.

For more information about Halifax Pride visit:

Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival
early August
Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)

Gay Pride in CanadaThe biggest parade in Western Canada and one of the largest in North America, the Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival is a fun and colorful event celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people. What began as a small event in 1981 has now grown into a nationally and internationally recognized parade and festival attracting over 750,000 people to the streets in a day.

For more information about Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival take a look at:
or visit the official web site at

Pride Montreal
mid August
Montreal, Québec (QC)

Gay Pride in CanadaFestivities for Pride Montreal begin with a parade featuring floats from hundreds of local sports teams, cultural and community groups as well as other gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender organizations, all of which are competing for the awards for the Most Crowd-Pleasing Float, Best Expression of the Theme for the year, Best Choreography by a group, Best Costume and Make-up, Best Community Group Float of the year, Best Corporate Float of the year, as well as special “Jury Prizes”. Celebrations continue at Place Émilie-Gamelin during the MEGA T-DANCE until the closing show.

For more information about Pride Montreal visit:

Capital Pride - Fierté dans la capitale

mid August
Ottawa, Ontario (ON)

Gay Pride in CanadaPresenting a larger and even more successful gay pride event each year, Quebec City presents a gay pride festival that lasts five days and contains everything from three nights of live drag and music shows, the closure of St-Jean Street to automobiles for two days to accommodate street theater and a community fair for two days, and all sorts of locations highlighting drag shows, parties, a rainbow flag raising ceremony and much more.

For more information about Capital Pride - Fierté dans la capitale visit:

Fête Arc-en-ciel de Québec – Quebec City Pride Festival

late August – early September
Québec City, Québec (QC)

Gay Pride in CanadaTaking place in the historic and romantic Quebec City over Labour Day weekend every year, the Fête Arc-en-ciel is a french social and arts Pride Festival. Come show your colors through a colorful and exciting program: free outdoor music and drag queen shows, Community Fair, March, family picnic, parties, etc.

For more information about the Quebec City Pride Festival visit:

Pride Calgary
late August – early September
Calgary, Alberta (AB)

Gay Pride in CanadaAttracting more than 15,000 spectators, the Calgary Pride Parade begins at Olympic Plaza, and finishes at Shaw Millennium Park, after which the Pride Street Festival begins and features live musical performances by local artists, a market of vendors and community groups, a kids’ zone, and even large beer gardens. The goal is to provide fun entertainment for everyone, including the children.

For more information about Pride Calgary visit:

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