Top Events Canada – vals Powwowr or Pow Wow EventsWelcoming all races and creeds, the Canadian powwows showcase colorful Aboriginal ceremonies with pride providing the First Nations people with an opportunity to celebrate their history.

Most Pow Wow celebrations start with the Grand Entry, when all dancers enter the Dance Circle for the first time and continue with a host of events including native dancers and drum singing groups and competitions including contestants from all over North America.

First Nations University of Canada’s Annual Spring Celebration Pow Wow
mid April
Regina, Saskatchewan (SK)

Top Events Canada – vals Powwowr or Pow Wow EventsA popular event for more than 35 years, celebrating Spring and sharing the culture of First Nations, the 2-day annual Spring Celebration Pow Wow features a wealth of colorful events. Beginning each day with Grand Entry at noon, and closing with the “retiring of the flags” ceremony at midnight, the First Nations University of Canada’s Annual Spring Celebration Pow Wow attracts more than 6,300 visitors each year and showcases competing and non-competing drums and more than 706 registered dancers.

For more information about the the First Nations University of Canada’s Annual Spring Celebration Pow Wow visit:

Kamloopa Powwow
late July – early August
Kamloops, British Columbia (BC)

Top Events Canada – vals Powwowr or Pow Wow EventsOne of the biggest celebrations of First Nations' culture and heritage in Western Canada, and in fact one of the largest powwows in Canada, the Kamloopa Powwow is an admirable three-day celebration of the heritage of the Secwepemc peoples and offers a wealth of attractions including storytelling, song, dance competitions in traditional regalia, workshops and much more.

For more information about the Kamloopa Powwow visit:

Tsuu T’ina Annual Rodeo and Powwow
late July
Tsuu T'ina Nation, Alberta (AB)

Top Events Canada – vals Powwowr or Pow Wow Events A popular Powwow event for more than 39 years, the increasingly recognized Tsuu T’ina First Nation Powwow features good natured First Nations dancing and singing competitions with contestants of all ages backed by friendly ceremonial hand drummers. The displays of powwow dances include the fancy feather events, traditional buckskin, war bonnet, slow style and round bustle chicken dance. An integral part of the weekend celebration is the Tsuu T’ina Rodeo that is the largest Open First Nation Rodeo in Canada.

For more information about the Tsuu T’ina Annual Rodeo & Pow Wow visit:

Piikani Nation Annual Celebration
early August
Crowlodge Park, Brocket, Alberta (AB)

Top Events Canada – vals Powwowr or Pow Wow EventsWith celebrations for more than half a century attracting hundreds of enthusiasts, the Piikani Nation Annual Celebration, Canada’s oldest powwow event, features everything from a parade to dance competitions, drum and hand drum contests, IFCA rodeo horse racing, softball, a golf tournament, and even a princess pageant.

For more information about the Piikani Nation Annual Celebration visit:

Siksika Nation Annual Pow Wow
mid August
Siksika Nation, Alberta (AB)

Top Events Canada – vals Powwowr or Pow Wow EventsThe three-day, annual Siksika Pow Wow Celebration that has been an increasingly popular event for over half a century, is highlighted with drumming and dancing contests at the Arbor on Siksika Nation for teens and adults of all ages with lots of prizes. Lots more activities and features of this pow wow include hand games and even a golf tournament as well as a chance to promote the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park/Museum.

For more information about the Siksika Nation Annual Pow Wow visit:

Manito Ahbee Festival
mid August
Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)

Top Events Canada – vals Powwowr or Pow Wow EventsOne of the largest of Pow Wows in North America, the Manito Ahbee Festival in Manitoba is an increasingly popular celebration of Aboriginal culture highlighting the talents, gifts and abilities of Aboriginal artists from all nations and comes complete with traditional and contemporary styles of dance, dancing contests, drumming competitions and singing.

For more information about the International Competition Pow Wow in Winnipeg visit:

Akwesasne International Pow-Wow
early September
Cornwall Island, Ontario (ON)

Top Events Canada – vals Powwowr or Pow Wow EventsShowcasing the best Native Indian artisans, drummers and dancers in Canada, the Akwesasne Pow-Wow also attracts other First Nations from across the United States and many other nations to participate in this unique cultural experience. Attractions include everything from beautifully dressed fire dancers, traditional drumming and singing, competitions in all categories held for all age groups, as well as traditional native foods and a large selection of authentic native arts, crafts and jewelry.

For more information about the Akwesasne International Pow-Wow visit:

Canadian Aboriginal Festival
mid to end November
Toronto, Ontario (ON)

Top Events Canada – vals Powwowr or Pow Wow EventsNorth America’s largest, multi-disciplined Aboriginal arts event, the Canadian Aboriginal Festival is recognized as the “signature event” for Canadian Aboriginal peoples and includes the annual Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. Attracting peoples of all races and creeds, and hundreds of dancers, the Canadian Aboriginal Festival has been a popular event for two decades and offers something for everyone, from education on a number of relevant topics, traditional foods, shopping at more than 150 booths and much more.

For more about the Canadian Aboriginal Festival visit:
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