Top Events Canada – Renaissance Festivals and Renaissance EventsThere are several Renaissance fairs taking place every year in Canada, all of which feature a splendid showpiece of Renaissance entertainment from many centuries ago.

Complete with Sirs, rouges and maidens showcasing everything from traditional jousting to Medieval music, appropriate handcrafted jewelry and toys, the top Renaissance Fairs of Canada offer something for everyone in the family.

Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival
early June
Gibson Park, Elmira, Ontario (ON)

Top Events Canada – Renaissance Festivals and Renaissance EventsFeaturing a very different way of life in Medieval Nottingham, this two-day Royal Medieval Faire features the talents of drama students and professional performers as visitors watch traditional battles between knights, hear beautiful Medieval music, enjoy Medieval shows, try period foods and beverages and be tempted by merchants offering handcrafted clothes, jewelry, wooden toys, leather goods, and more.

For more information about the Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival visit:

Kingdom of Osgoode Medieval Festival
mid July
Osgoode Village, just south of Ottawa, Ontario (ON)

Top Events Canada – Renaissance Festivals and Renaissance EventsThis three day Medieval festival just south of Ottawa follows the trials and tribulations of the fictitious Medieval King Dallas, his Queen Andrea and their heir, Princess Vivian, and some very nasty, and other supportive members of their court in the Kingdom of Osgoode. This increasingly popular Renaissance event comes complete with “villains” like local councillors begin trapped in stocks, to a magical dragon, as well as Medieval feasts, a creative arts competition for children 16 years old and younger, and an increasingly popular Medieval market selling everything from armor and leather goods, home baked breads and herbs, to face painting and jewelry.

For more about the Kingdom of Osgoode Medieval Festival near Ottawa visit:

BC Renaissance Festival
end July
Langley, British Columbia (BC)

Top Events Canada – Renaissance Festivals and Renaissance EventsAttracting over 2,000 visitors every year, this increasingly popular three-day BC Renaissance Festival, now a success for 7 years, features a wealth of historically based, fantasy inspired fun and games for all ages, all in the theme of Renaissance times, complete with a wide selection of appropriate music offered on five different stages and a wealth of other entertainment including jousting events, and even the antics of a mischievous pirate crew, while merchants offer unique jewelry, clothing, leather goods, stained glass, and more.

For more information about the BC Renaissance Festival visit:

Brooks Medieval Faire
mid August
Brooks, Alberta (AB)

Top Events Canada – Renaissance Festivals and Renaissance EventsAttracting over 5,000 enthusiasts each year, the Brooks Medieval Faire in Alberta features a host of events including the Medieval jousting tournament of international fame, the Highland Dance Competition, contests in which Medieval fighters sidestep, dodge, and deflect the blows of their armored contestants, along with the artisan marketplace selling jewelry and more.

For more information about the Brooks Medieval Faire visit:

The Royal Medieval Faire
mid September
Waterloo, Ontario (ON)

Top Events Canada – Renaissance Festivals and Renaissance EventsAttracting more than 5,500 people for 16 years and now one of the premier medieval festivals in Ontario, the Royal Medieval Faire offers everything entertaining from appropriate music, tournaments typical of the Medieval period, favorite entertainers like jugglers, storytellers, and even falconers as well as an impressive array of merchants selling their handcrafted armor, jewelry, weapons, bath products, leather goods, toys, clothing, and much more.

For more information about the The Royal Medieval Faire visit:

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