Great Northern Arts Festival

Inuvik, Northwest Territories (NWT)

The Great Northern Arts Festival is a celebration of the culture and the arts of the North and is generally considered to be the most important arts event in the region.

The festival was founded in 1989 by Sharlene Alexander and Sue Rose. What was originally intended to be a small affair turned out to be more popular than they had imagined.

Finding, at last, a way to connect with each other 35 artists from all over the Northwest Territories gathered In Inuvik including Inuit, Inuvialuit, Gwich'in, Dene, Metis and many of Canada's additional First Nations, as well as non-Aboriginal artists from as far away as Alaska, the Orkney Islands of Scotland, and the Yucatan in Mexico.With such a huge selection of offerings, it is little surprise that the festival attracts local visitors and enthusiasts from all over the world - from Australia to Japan, Germany to New York, and Montreal to Vancouver.


Inuvik is accessible by air (with Canadian North at ) or by road on the famed Dempster Highway.

As there are only a few hotels and inns in Inuvik, it is advisable to book in advance when planning a trip to the Great Northern Arts Festival. Hotels include the Mackenzie Hotel, the Eskimo Inn, Nova Inn and Capital Suites.

For more information about the Great Northern Arts Festival visit the official web site at

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