Fall Flavours

Prince Edward Island, ( PEI )

The Fall Flavours Festival is a gastronomic delight for food lovers and features more than 250 culinary and cultural events highlighting the food of Prince Edward Island. The event takes place in communities across Prince Edward Island in September each year.

Hosted by celebrity Chef Michael Smith, an Island original and host of several Food Network’s series, the Fall Flavours Festival features the best of the food of Prince Edward Island, and offers a wide range of culinary events – from taking part in the rigours of a Culinary Boot Camp to getting down to basics by picking potatoes, catching lobsters, or harvesting oysters.

Potatoes are one of Prince Edward Island’s most known exports, unique because of the Island's rich red soil. As famous are the abundant stocks of groundfish and shellfish in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The Fall Flavours event is all about taking part in these and the other food offerings of Prince Edward Island.

Did you know, for example, that Prince Edward Island produces over 23 different types of vegetables and that there are more than 1,300 licensed lobster fishermen on PEI?

But it’s not all about hard work – sitting back and enjoying the flavours of fall on Prince Edward Island, restaurants and eateries across the island create special menus for the event.

Chef Michael, Canada's most famous chef and host of several different Food Network shows including Chef Abroad is the key linch-pin of the Fall Flavours Festival and is an integral part of promoting the culinary experiences available on Prince Edward Island, not only in Fall but year round too.

Reservations for restaurant events during the Fall Flavours event ARE necessary - the Fall Flavours website at http://www.fallflavors.ca/ has a handy list of calendar events and restaurants taking part so that you may book ahead of your trip to Prince Edward Island or you can find out more by calling the Festival Hotline at 1-877-445-4849.

Click here for more information about the Fall Flavours event or visit the official web site at at http://www.fallflavors.ca/

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