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Just as in the provinces of Canada, the territories offer a wealth of popular and very different events and festivals every year.

One of three territories in Canada, the Northwest Territories is the second largest of the three and includes several large islands in the Arctic Ocean. Tourist attractions include the heritage of the aboriginal peoples, as well as the stunning scenery of two main national parks. Yellowknife is the territorial capital.

Beluga Jamboree
Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories (NWT)

The Beluga Jamboree is a mid-April community festival in Tuktoyaktuk celebrating the whaling heritage of the Western Arctic Inuvialuit culture and traditional lifestyles that define this Mackenzie Delta coastal community. Fun events and contests include snowmobile races, log sawing, harpoon throwing, drum dancing, igloo building, square dancing, ski-doo races, dog races, talent shows and wonderful food.

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Muskrat Jamboree
March / April
Inuvik, Northwest Territories (NWT)

Every year spring in Inuvik sees the return of the Muskrat Jamboree festival in which the new season is celebrated with most events taking place on the Mackenzie River and includes events such as muskrat skinning, snowshoe races, dog sledding, tea boiling and log sawing, and even a pond hockey tournament. Community groups operate concessions in tents, preparing hot soup, bannock, coffee and tea and other warm refreshments.

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Summer Solstice (National Aboriginal Day)
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (NWT)

15 years ago, June the 21st was declared National Aboriginal Day to coincide with the summer solstice, a time when Aboriginal Peoples across the country celebrate their culture and heritage. In Yellowknife the week long Summer Solstice Festival with workshops and interactive educational activities and entertainment, including more than 120 performers, and over 55 vendors and sideshows vendors attracts locals and visitors alike.

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Top Twenty Events Canada
Summer Solstice is one of the Top 20 events in the whole of Canada

Yellowknife Canada Day Events & Parade
July 1
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (NWT)

Top Events Canada – Canada Day CelebrationsCanada Day celebrations in Yellowknife start off with a parade followed by opening ceremonies complete with the reaffirmation ceremony in which Canadian citizens repeat the oath of citizenship to express their commitment to Canada, as well as the expected singing of the national anthem. The day then continues on a lighter note with a wide variety of top line performers offering a wide range of entertainment, and a whole line-up of fun ways to spend the day – from getting your face painted to receiving a chair massage.

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Folk on the Rocks
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (NWT)

One of Canada’s top summertime music and cultural festivals, Folk on the Rocks showcases more than 200 musicians celebrating all music genres, and artists from Canada, North America, and around the world. This 3-day event takes place on the third weekend of July each year in Yellowknife.

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Great Northern Arts Festival
Inuvik, Northwest Territories (NWT)

A celebration of the culture and the arts of the North, the 10-day Great Northern Arts Festival welcomes over 120 artists and performers from the North and all over the world who come to showcase their work and take part in gallery exhibitions, music performances, competitions, and workshops showcasing everything from drum and drum stick making to fish scale art and even film making.

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