Top Events Canada Redesigned 4th June 2015 – Following the response from the growing number of visitors, has now been redesigned to highlight only the 10 - 20 events and festivals in the major cities, all the provinces and territories.

“It became clear from our readers' responses that they would prefer our highlighting just the top main events on offer,” explains Kevin Retief, Publisher of Top Events Canada, “events and festivals that really should not be missed. They didn’t want to have to delve into long lists as they need to do on other sites"

The new and selective process of highlighting such top events and festivals ensures that Top Events Canada is now a resource covering those events and festivals that are really not to be missed – should you be living in the relevant city, province or territory, or are simply visiting these various locations.

It is important to know that inclusion in Top Events Canada cannot be purchased and is not driven by possible advertising on the part of the events and festivals themselves. Events and festivals here are simply chosen and recognized as the best by residents and visitors in Canada, and the team of travel writers working for Top Events Canada.

To take a taste of the NEW site see:

Or for more information contact:

Kevn Retief – Publisher – Top Events Canada

Ursula and Eldrid Retief – Editors in Chief – Top Events Canada

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